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National Pastime

Prospect Q&A - 2008 Wrap-up

Since National Pastime kicked off in late May, we've tried to identify some of tomorrow's brightest stars, introduce them to our readers and allow them to discuss their developing talents in their own words. In this, our final Prospect Q&A column of the year, we'll check in on the 35 players we profiled this season and see what kinds of progress they've made since we had the pleasure of speaking with each of them. We'll also single out some of our favorite quotes of the year and see what interesting categories our Q&A subjects fall into. Enjoy. By Jay LeBlanc.

Redskins 360

Bubba Tyer speaks

Given the serious nature of Jason Taylor's injury, the Redskins allowed trainer Bubba Tyer to speak publicly for the first time since coach Jim Zorn was hired in February.