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Rusty Humphries in Israel - Tour the Old City of Jerusalem


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Our fears and our communities

Fearing differences fosters mistrust that limits the entire potential of a community. It circumscribes our mobility and contact with those that we consider different. This prevents us from experiencing the richness and diversity of other traditions, cultures and unique individuals.

National Pastime

My Five - The Power Alleys

Last week I kicked things off by ranking the top starting rotations in baseball, but this week I'm going on the offensive in My Five. Good pitching is the foundation for championship teams, but you can't win unless you score. By Sean Raposa.


Zimmerman: Small shoulder tear

Ryan Zimmerman's MRI results are in, and the news is not necessarily good. Zimmerman has a small labral tear in his left shoulder, the result of an awkward headfirst slide into second base two weeks ago in Baltimore.