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Iceland's Lutherans

Last month's decision by the California Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage is going to have plenty of repercussions, not the least on churches faced with requests to allow such ceremonies. For the most part, religious groups have decried such court decisions -- at least in the USA. But in Iceland, a direct flight of only a few hours from BWI Airport, things are totally different.


You can rest now, Kimbo

Those who tuned in last night to watch CBS' Elite XC Saturday Night Fights witnessed one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the history of organized competition. Not.

National Pastime

The Insert Craze

In the early '90s, the baseball card companies decided the response to overproduction would be manufacturer-induced scarcity. Thus, a whole new genre - the insert card - was born.


Video interlude

Since we haven't shot any new videos of our own since we moved to the new Web site, here's one from our friends over at MASN.


Wee Willie Harris

A quick tip of the cap to Willie Harris, who won last night's game with a 3-run homer off Micah Owings in the seventh inning, snapping a 3-3 tie in most surprising fashion.


Zim watch, Day 5

Ryan Zimmerman is out of the Nationals' lineup for the fifth straight game tonight, his left shoulder still not healed enough to allow him to play without some pain. And it sounds like Zim's going to miss another game tomorrow, with an eye on returning for Sunday's series finale here in Arizona.