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John Kerry shows his gratitude

John Kerry held a press conference call today to blast McCain for his recent fundraising appeal, which uses the Irq war and attacks Obama for not having visited U.S. troops in years.

National Pastime

Early A.L. All-Star Ballot

Unlike some fans, I won't just pop the chads of my favorite players or those on the hometown team - as a fan of Major League Baseball in general, I feel like it's my duty to vote responsibly in hopes that the most deserving players nab starting gigs in the Midsummer Classic.

Donne Travels

TRAVEL: Rocky Mountain High Colorado (part 3)

However there is more. Much more. Speak to the Hotel Jerome’s concierge, Patsy Pelaia, a recipient of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or Gold Keys award, and makes plans for golf at the prestigious Snowmass Club Golf Course, horseback riding or hot-air ballooning. Make an appointment for some guided fly-fishing or deep-forest hiking**.

Tech Zoo

Free headsets for ticketed motorists

Have you been ticketed for talking on your cell phone while driving in the District? If so, you might be out a hundred bucks, but under one company's new promotion, you're eligible for a free wireless headset.


He's not Peyton Manning (Or Eli)

No, he's Charlie Manning, and he may not be wearing a Nats uniform much longer. The rookie left-hander just served up a towering, three-run homer to Jody Gerut (Jody Gerut!) to give the Padres a 5-2 lead in the bottom of the eighth.

Tech Zoo

Barnes and Nobles to sell digital magazines

The nation's No. 1 brick-and-mortar book seller, Barnes & Noble Inc., recently inked a deal with Zinio LLC to sell digital versions of magazines. Under the deal, visitors to can choose from more than 1,000 titles and order them via both print and digital subscriptions.