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5:15pm Every Wednesday afternoon... it's Attorney Paul Samakow with his legal perspective on the top stories of the week:


Topics on deck: 

  • Child porn OK to watch in New York 
  • Woman sued for sending text message to driver.... note the lawsuit is against the person sending the text to the driver...  also, the driver was sued... the plaintiffs were on a motorcycle when a texting motor vehicle driver drifted into their lane and hit them, resulting in both motorcycle driver and his passenger both losing their legs. 
  • Dominique Strass Kahn counter-sues hotel maid. 
  • National medical malpractice payouts are not going up.... "crisis" in healthcare has nothing to do with lawsuits 
  • General Mills must defend a lawsuit in California where they are being sued because of allegedly false claims that their "Fruit Roll-Ups" are made with real fruit... lawsuit says the advertising claim is false and misleading... 
  • OJ Simpson somehow hired another lawyer, who is now trying to get his last theft conviction over-turned on the basis that OJ's lawyer at that time was lousy.

Legal tip of the day:  Identity Theft... the only number to call for your truly "free" credit report

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