Team Palin keeps door open to future politics

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Sarah Palin’s most ardent supporters are keeping the door wide open to future political ambitions, despite her abrupt resignation as Alaskan governor in the aftermath of her tumultuous bid as vice president on the GOP’s 2008 presidential ticket.

Mrs. Palin has been vague about her plans but careful to keep her options open in interviews and statements since making the bombshell announcement and has suggested she’s looking for ways to advance her conservative agenda outside of Alaska.

Her supporters are following suit.

Mrs. Palin’s personal lawyer Thomas Van Flein wrote in a statement Tuesday that Mrs. Palin had “created a new political reality and is changing the battlefield to pursue her goals energy independence for America, rational tax policies, improved national security and more efficient and smaller government.”

“I suspect you may see her in the future,” he added

Rebecca Mansour, editor of, says she’s seen a flood of e-mails urging Mrs. Palin to run for 2012, requests for the governor to make 2010 campaign appearances, and an uptick in donations to her political action committee since the announcement was made.

Ms. Mansour said she was “shocked” to hear the news at first, but believes Mrs. Palin is destined to fight for conservative values on the national stage, rather than in Alaska where she had little support from state-based Republicans and was being hamstrung on energy investments by the legislature.

“Ordinary Americans listen to what she has to say and that would be a great role for her,” Ms. Mansour said.

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