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Hot Button Blog Archive: June 2009

  • McCain staffers push back on Vanity Fair's Palin profile

    Alaskan Governor and GOP 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be nice looking, but she sure wasn’t a very good candidate is the bottom line of Vanity Fair’s 9,920-word profile about her released Tuesday. Published June 30 2009

  • GOP wants more women's programs

    After losing the majority of women to the Democrats in the 2008 election, the Republican National Committee is making a new effort to attract more women to the party for the 2010 elections. Published June 25 2009

  • GOP seeks health care advice from Patch Adams

    An email about the meeting sent from Rep. Jack Kingston's office was obtained by the Washington Times from a disgrunteld GOP staffer who questioned why any Republican would seek Dr. Adam's advice. Published June 19 2009

  • Business groups dare Obama to limit pay for union bosses

    Business groups are daring President Barack Obama to impose pay caps on labor union bosses in light of indications that the White House may limit how much corporate executives can be paid. Published June 11 2009

  • Canadian leader stumps for Obamacare

    The leader of Canada's New Democrat Party Jack Layton linked the future of his country's universal health care system to President Obama’s public health care program in a Washington speech Wednesday. Published June 3 2009