Washington National Cathedral faces more layoffs

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Your humble scribe is out on sick leave for several days so is not able to follow up on this story on her own, but she could not resist posting this story by blogger David Virtue on the continued financial woes of the Washington National Cathedral. 

May I remind all you readers that I was once a cathedral aide during my college years, so I know the place quite well. In more recent years, I did a harp-playing gig near the bookstore, and my family and I have spent hundreds of hours there over the decades. But the cathedral does appear to be in full decline, racing toward the bottom, as it were. Anyway, do take a look at Mr. Virtue’s piece, and if you’re stopping by the cathedral, do ask the Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III, the dean, some of the same questions. If I were at work, I’d like to do the same thing, but alas, my sick leave will probably last until May 28. 

I hate to post the work of a competitor, but earlier reports of layoffs at the cathedral more than a year ago can be found here. I don’t like getting beaten on a story, but I do give credit where credit is due. 

—Julia Duin, religion editor

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