"Between Barack and a hard place I chose Barack"

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Sen. Barack ObamaSen. Amy Klobuchar
LANCASTER, Pa. — Sen. Barack Obama has won over another freshman senator and superdelegate, this morning getting an endorsement from Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.\ \ Mrs. Klobuchar said she is backing her Illinois colleague over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because “continuing to stay silent would be awkward,” she told reporters on a conference call.\ \ She cited the big crowds he attracted before winning Minnesota’s caucus by 34 points, and said the “enthusiasm and idealism” she witnessed at his events was “simply impossible to contain.” Mrs. Klobuchar called Mr. Obama a “new kind of leader” who can “dissolve” the cynicism of President Bush’s administration and who offers a “new perspective.”\ \ She also called Mrs. Clinton of New York a “friend,” saying she hopes the primary contest continues, adding: “The Democratic Party is truly blessed this year with two candidates.”\ \ “I believe that Senator Clinton has every right to continue her campaign,” Mrs. Klobuchar said, following a weekend where many Obama supporters called for his rival to end her bid.
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times

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