White House e-mails lost in cyberspace

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If you sent an e-mail to anyone who works in the White House yesterday, you’d be wise to send it again.


The e-mail network was down all day yesterday but is all systems go today, but any e-mails sent while it was out of service are probably lost for good.


Deputy press secretary Bill Burton speculated there were “probably hundreds” of e-mails that went missing, since when he got up and running today, he had only 10 waiting in his inbox.


The culprit is likely an overloaded server as all the new folks were getting added to the system. Upgrades are likely.


All is not perfect, however.


Several pool reports sent to the White House today regarding President Obama’s visit to Capitol Hill haven’t yet been distributed.


Salon’s Mike Madden wrote this stellar piece about the crisis and how it’s irritating the tech-savvy Obama world.


 Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,
The Washington Times

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