The Washington Times - April 19, 2011, 01:32PM

The Mike Green saga has reached its second day of conversation. On Monday it was Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau accusing the Rangers of targeting his All-Star defenseman, particularly pointing to a hit from Marc Staal on Sunday.

“It was to the side of the head, and it was a dirty shot,” Boudreau said. “Staal comes in, there’s no puck, he takes his arm, he swings it at his head, but it’s all forgotten because we score a goal to tie the game up. But it shouldn’t be forgotten and it wasn’t the only time they targeted Mike’s head. And they targeted it a few times, and that’s what we want to get out of the game.”


On Tuesday, there were developments on both ends. At Kettler, Mike Green reacted to the idea of being targeted.

“I’m used to it and ready for it. I did feel a blow to my head and for whatever reason, whether it was or was not intentional it’s over with,” he said. “They’re coming hard. Whether it’s high or just finishing their checks is irrelevant. They’re coming so hard that it’s hard to get out of the way. It is what it is. I’m not complaining. It’s part of the game.”

Green brushed off the subject as a big deal. The NHL office obviously agreed to at least some degree as Staal did not receive a phone call or hearing for the hit, which took place late in the second period of New York’s Game 3 win.

Up at Rangers practice, John Tortorella was on his game.

“We have confidence officials won’t be influenced by all the whining going on,” he told reporters.

That sound you heard? This series being doused with fuel well beyond a coach criticizing an arena.