The Washington Times - April 21, 2011, 04:22PM

Jason Chimera showed off a sense of humor following his game-winning goal Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. Discussing his line with Marcus Johansson and Eric Fehr, Chimera took a light-hearted shot at Fehr’s lack of afterburners.

“Marcus is a fast guy, and Fehr had a lot of adrenaline going tonight,” Chimera said.


Fehr isn’t as fleet of foot as his linemates, but the energy of playing his first playoff game of the season helped a lot.

Said coach Bruce Boudreau: “Eric came out after the first overtime at the beginning of the second overtime and I just heard him saying, ‘I feel great.’ You’re only hoping, but I thought that line was generating most of the chances off the rush and everything rather than the other three lines.”

Fehr, who played 18:41 in his first action since April 9, said he felt great right until the finish. It took him some time to get his legs under him, though, as expected.

“I was playing with two of the faster guys, so I was just gonna try to keep pace with those guys, give them the puck and just go to the front of the net,” he said.

The 25-year-old winger was looking forward to giving and hit and getting a hit just to get into a rhythm in a physical series. He did a bit of that and managed to adjust on the fly to playoff hockey.

“You don’t have the time to kinda get caught up to speed, so it’s a little bit tougher,” Fehr said. “But I thought my linemates helped me out last night getting involved.”

Boudreau-ism of the day

On where the idea of a “killer instinct” came from

“Where’s it come from? I don’t know but my guess is boxing. Seriously when you get a guy in trouble and you know how to finish him off. I remember when it used to be [Muhammad] Ali, they always said he had a great killer instinct. When he got you in trouble he’d [finish] and other guys would let you off the hook. I think that’s to my knowledge, and I’m probably wrong on it, but that’s where I’m thinking.”

Bonus: Ovechkin-ism of the day (well, Wednesday night)

“It was exciting game. It has changed our mentality right away. We talk about the second period as a group and it works. If we play the same I think nobody can stop us like we play third period and overtime.”