The Washington Times - April 27, 2011, 12:58PM

Welcome to the dog days of … April? The Capitals haven’t played since Saturday and won’t get back onto Verizon Center ice until at least Friday.

Everyone’s running out of things to talk about


“We just want to start soon,” coach Bruce Boudreau said. “It’s getting a little antsy.”

On that note, Wednesday was a fun day around Kettler with media members and players discussing hockey … and just about everything else.

Brooks Laich talked about how fans drive by his house honking their horns while he’s outside mowing his lawn. Yes, Laich mows his own lawn.

Eric Fehr was asked about sitting in the first row at Nationals Park on Tuesday night and got three hours of TV time. Fehr said was able to get the tickets because he knows some people with the Nats.

And then there was Karl Alzner’s beard. The defenseman posted on Twitter Tuesday the harrowing tale of getting his hair cut and almost losing his well-groomed playoff beard.

“When summer comes around, I like to keep my hair as short as I can, so I was kinda getting sick of it,” Alzner said. “I’m sure a lot of people go through that when they just don’t feel like worrying about it anymore. So I just wanted to get it shaved.”

But as the hairdresser started working on trimming his sideburns, Alzner’s phone went off and he zoned out a bit.

“The lady almost shaved my beard off ’cause she didn’t really like it too much,” he said. “I stopped her just short.”

All is well with Alzner’s beard – a little thinner on the sides, but still OK. Now, maybe Thursday everyone can go back to talking about hockey.

“It starts to drag on a little bit,” Alzner said, “But we’re excited that we’ll find out tonight who we’re finally gonna play.”