The Washington Times - December 11, 2011, 10:15AM

In hockey it’s often referred to as “paying the price” – doing whatever it takes to block a shot. Alex Ovechkin did that Friday night when he turned the puck over and realized he had to do something to prevent a goal.

“If you make mistakes and you can save the moment when you make mistakes, you have to do it,” he said. “When I make mistakes, I said, ‘Damn’ the puck goes to my D and I say, ‘Jesus I have to block it.’ You just have to help the team – it doesn’t matter how.”


Ovechkin’s price for blocking at least two shots on one shift was a big pack of ice on his right forearm after Saturday’s practice. He blocked two from Matt Frattin and one from Dion Phaneuf.

“I don’t know. Maybe like stick blocking,” Ovechkin said. “I feel two – my body feel two.”

Asked if he has ever had a shift like that with three blocked shots, Ovechkin smiled and turned to Matt Hendricks, who was sitting behind him in the Capitals’ locker room. “Ask him about it – he’s a professional about it,” Ovechkin said.

Hendricks responded: “He’s good – a good shot-blocker. He’s doing his job in the defensive zone right now.”

Seeing a star like Ovechkin getting in front of shots impressed coach Dale Hunter and Caps players. It’s “definitely” great to see Ovechkin sacrificing himself like that, Hendricks said.

“He’s blocking shots because he’s in the right position, and he’s putting himself out there trying to take shots away from the defense, and they’re trying to get them through,” Hendricks said. “And he’s blocking them because he’s where needs to be, which is tremendous. To see him get a few points at the same time, I know he feels good about that as well – and so do I.”