The Washington Times - December 14, 2011, 01:26PM

Mike Green is set to join the Washington Capitals in Denver this weekend, though a lot of other details remain unclear.

Green has missed the past 15 games with a groin injury and went to see a specialist this week. But when asked if Green saw a groin specialist, George McPhee said “not necessarily.”


“It’s not worse than we already knew and he has been making progress,” McPhee said. “We’re just trying to expedite things. We’ll know more based on the treatments he’s getting.”

Team spokesman Sergey Kocharov said that Green did not have a concussion. The defenseman missed the final two months last season with a concussion.

But Green’s “day-to-day” listing with the team doesn’t fit with the way the general manager was talking about the injury.

“We’re trying different things. You make progress and then plateau, and make progress and then plateau. He’s trying to get over that final hill,” McPhee said. “I don’t know a lot right now. We’ll know more in a couple days when he joins the team.”

McPhee continued: “He’s working on it,” We don’t know if it will make a difference but we’ll see.