The Washington Times - July 1, 2011, 11:43AM

At 10:15 on Friday morning, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis blogged about free agency and what his team could go after. No names were mentioned, and most things were generalities. But soon after, the post was taken down.

Update: Monumental Sports spokesman Kurt Kehl had this to say about the deletion:


“Simple case of a new person posting Ted’s blog - his assistant is leaving for vacation - and the new person wanted to make a slight change to a typo or spacing. Nothing related to the actual content of the blog. She didn’t realize she could edit the “live” blog and apparently took it down. It should be back up momentarily.”

True enough, as it was posted soon after.

Leonsis blogged again a few minutes later …

“My primary assistant is going on vacation. My second assistant is learning how to help me with my blog. She is learning the software. The blog post went up and she saw an edit and took the post down to fix it. She inadvertently took the blog post down while editing. She is learning the software. THAT is all that is going on.”