The Washington Times - July 12, 2011, 10:36AM

Usually a man of few words, George McPhee had a lot to say in his meeting with the media Monday at Capitals development camp. The GM talked a lot about prospects – stuff that will be in the paper and on this blog later this week – but here are the newsy items he touched on:

On Karl Alzner


McPhee didn’t have much of an update. “I expect that Don [Fishman] will talk to his agent this week and see if we can make some progress,” he said.

(For what it’s worth: J.P. Barry said last week the two sides were working on a two-year contract.)

On Olie Kolzig possibly being Dave Prior’s successor

“That was discussed when we put together the contracts for Dave and for Olie – Dave in his mind thinks he can give us a couple more good years – maybe one, maybe three,” McPhee said. “But at some point if Olie really takes to this and likes it and is good at it, then yeah we could see a transition then.”

On drawing rave reviews in free agency

“It all looks good on paper, but it’s on paper right now. I think we’re really pleased with where the organization is,” McPhee said. “We think we have the makings of a real strong team again. We’ve upgraded in some areas. We’re fine on the cap, and we have lots of good draft picks for next summer’s draft, which looks like it’s gonna be a strong draft.

“We didn’t anticipate doing as well as we did but we did real well and hope it translates into a real good performance this year.”

On the Eric Fehr trade

“I think it’s a good trade for Eric and it’s a good trade for us. What it allows us to do is sorta restock the organization,” McPhee said. “We did add some free agents that I thought were upgrades to the team and part of the plan was, if we were able to do that, then you move some players for draft picks, which makes the organization deeper.”

On any more moves coming – or will you listen?

“I don’t. Well, you certainly listen and you just never know what can develop – and the [Tomas] Vokoun thing is a great example of never knowing what can develop,” McPhee said. “So while I don’t anticipate making any other moves this summer, you never know. If someone calls and wants to talk about something, you always listen and discuss it. Our summer begins next week when this is over and some of us are gonna take a little bit of a break.”