The Washington Times - July 15, 2011, 02:17PM

Development camp is mostly drills with a few scrimmages sprinkled in, so it’s difficult to tell who the stars of this week have been among Capitals prospects and free agent invitees.

But when it comes to talking, Garrett Haar has unquestionably been the star. The seventh-round pick in last June’s draft held court with reporters for over 20 minutes Thursday talking about everything from his love and hatred for different NHL teams to the burger joints available in his native California vs. those in Fargo, North Dakota, where he’s playing in the United States Hockey League.


(Beat reporter’s note: I requested to talk to Haar after Thursday’s scrimmage because not only did he play well but he had talked to a few of us Wednesday and was easily the chattiest kid here.)

So here’s the best of Garrett Haar:

On how he started playing hockey

“I started to play roller hockey when I was about three-years-old. I don’t remember this, I was 3 years old, but my dad supposedly asked me if I wanted to play lacrosse, hockey or football and I guess I said hockey. So that’s kind of how I got started in the sport.”

On NHL fandom

“I’m about 45-minutes from L.A., about 30-minutes from Anaheim. I’m a big Ducks fan, Bobby Ryan played for the L.A. Selects organization and I played for them, so I got to skate with him a little bit and it was a good experience. I hate the Kings, obviously them and the Ducks are big rivals, so you love the Ducks and hate the Kings, or you love the Kings and hate the Ducks so I’m on the Ducks side for sure.”

When wearing Angels shirt for interview … Do you hate the Dodgers?

“They’re bankrupt now so I guess I got to like the Angels. No, I’m an Angels fans.”

On what he was doing when he got drafted

“Obviously I got drafted in the later rounds. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I was watching the ticker the whole time. And then as it got later in the draft I couldn’t watch it anymore because I got kind of nervous so I went upstairs and was playing Call of Duty with my brother. I just got a phone call and ran downstairs and yelled to my parents and they said they saw it on the ticker before I did. It was awesome.”

On the difference between California and Fargo

“Is there really a comparison?! I mean, it was a culture shock for sure. I think we got to about 65-below obviously late at night. But I love the town, as weird as that sounds. I’m not a big flashy guy. I like little small cities and stuff like that so I do like Fargo and I’m very excited to go back.”

On watching 24/7 on HBO

“I noticed that with Bruce Boudreau, the F-word was coming out every other word in the locker room so I think that was the most that I noticed. I was prepared but surprisingly I think [this week] he’s only dropped a couple of them.”