The Washington Times - July 5, 2011, 11:54AM

It was a holiday, the Fourth of July, but a good time to ask Capitals fans on Twitter their thoughts about my subject for Tuesday’s paper: Jaromir Jagr. I asked a simple question: When I say Jaromir Jagr, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

First of all, here’s the story (with accompanying picture of Alex Ovechkin’s hit on Jagr from the 2010 Olympics) about how his signing spices up the rivalry between the Caps and Flyers.


Now, here are the responses – or, at least, the ones that were deemed appropriate to post:

HockeyandBeers: Money grabbing, no effort giving muppet

Mtvroaddawg: something thats not too nice to say

Letzgoterps: Vomit

DrCapsFan: Me jumping off the couch after Ovechkin nailed him in the Olympics..

GotSparkly: “This ought to be amusing.”

Brightestcolour: Mullet.

SteveRep44: Rage that could trigger a gamma radiation mutation

Shor4sure: Albert Haynesworth

CapsPiggy: Ovi’s hit in the Olympic game.

BenRaby31: Mullet

Geoffdetweiler: Mullet.

DCAbloob: Kwame Brown

Justemmaroo: Biggest booty to ever skate on ice.

Aviilu: Drama

Jdgregg20: Dude looks like a lady

CSParent: When I think of Jaromir Jagr I think of that time he won a Stanley Cup in 2011/2012.

Tommybiggun1: mullet

JoPierce: an especially fun Talk Like a Pirate Day in Philadelphia. J-ARRRR-omir Jag-ARRR! And lots of Caps fans wishing he’d walk the plank.

JesseBees: vomit

CapsFan1978: Overrated

Tomppav: Selfish idiot

Aybee27: Ha, ha, I was definitely thinking epic mullet!

Osfan092589: Ovi hit at Olympics = Good Times

Jtpaterson: [GIF of Ovechkin hit on Jagr]

Majiksea: Jagr = mail it in!

PivotalHockey: Backchecking….oh wait…Nm.

Mikeweiss17: Heartbreak. Dominating us in Pitt, and being a complete failure in Wash

TheBlove: I will say @ovi8: Jagr era led to roster breakdown and the team we have now. Also monster center ice hit Ovi laid on him last yr.

Mlfrost4: bad apple

3mile: Mullet

Capsfan69: Epic FAIL!

ZPSnyder: Tie b/w “half-assed” & Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady”

ESHJjaksClayton: ovi obliterating him in the Olympics

JenStatz8: in all honesty the first thing is screw [edit: Pittsburgh]

gburneston4: RAGE

PKlords76: pariah

TheHornGuy [one word taken out for editorial reasons]: Pouty … Penguin…

JennRubenstein: lots of negative emotions, replaced by happy memory of ovie from Olympics

LoudGoat: Deceitful quitter.

CapsFanTweets: MULLETT!!!!

H8Crosby: 1st game w/ Philly. Jagr vs. @ovi8

GaryJ06: 2 things. 1-groin injury (means I don’t wanna be here) 2. Screaming shoot the puck when he never shot 5 on 3

Caps_Girl: Expensive mistake

Klee1152: God no.

Capsfaninpa: Biggest mistake in #Caps history.

And, for all of you who mentioned it, here’s the video of that Ovechkin hit: