The Washington Times - June 28, 2011, 12:05PM

In a weak class, Brooks Laich may have been the second-most sought-after free agent forward when the clock hit noon on Friday. But by re-signing with the Capitals, the 28-year-old stayed in his comfort zone where he’s a “perfect fit,” his agent, Roland Thompson, told The Washington Times.

“Brooks is a diehard Washington Capital,” Thompson said. “He likes the team, he likes the players, he likes the potential of the club to be a winner.”


The deal is worth $27 million over six years. Thompson said Laich could have probably gotten more as an unrestricted free agent but pointed out that the only teams that likely could’ve afforded to pay more were teams trying to get to the cap floor.

In this case, Laich gets to stay in Washington, where he has spent his entire NHL career.

“There’s always a risk when you go somewhere else. What if the coach doesn’t like you? What if you’re not a fit?” Thompson said. “Are you just going for dollars and just sit and maybe not fulfill your dream of winning the Stanley Cup?”

According to Thompson, Laich was “as frustrated as anyone else” about the Caps’ playoff exit last year.

“Like everyone else he’s been assured in conversations with management that there will be some appropriate changes to address those concerns,” Thompson said.

What those changes will be remains to be seen. But one concern the Caps had - locking up Laich - is now gone.