Ted Leonsis apologizes that 'we let you all down'

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Ted Leonsis understands that Capitals fans want change. But he’s urging patience while also conceding that his team failed in the playoffs yet again.

“We weren’t resilient and we didn’t get over obstacles placed in our way. We are all accountable on this performance starting with me,” the owner wrote on his blog. “I am so very sorry we let you all down.”

Leonsis wrote that Tampa Bay’s best players outplayed the Caps’ best players – and even “their role players outplayed our highest paid players.”

“The wheels fell off for us. No doubt about that.”

With some fans asking for lots of change, whether it’s personnel or coaching, Leonsis offered some caution.

“The best course of action for us though is to let a few days pass; be very analytic about what needs to be improved; articulate that plan; and then execute upon it,” he wrote. “Clearly we know we have to improve to build a franchise that is as good as our fan base.”

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