The Washington Times - November 11, 2011, 08:04AM

The line seemed to jump off the page. Asked about accountability, which the Capitals have talked about since June, Alexander Semin appeared to downplay it.

“Actually, I think thinking about all this stuff may actually be counterproductive,” he said through interpreter Igor Kleyner. “We know how to play hockey. We just need to get out there and play and do what we know how to do and things will be working out all right. If you start thinking about all this stuff too much, it can actually be counterproductive.”


But let’s not jump to the old narrative of “Sasha doesn’t care.” This was an important point Semin made, and likely the most insightful thing he said in a brief conversation with reporters Thursday that included most questions being asked in English with no need for translation but answers in Russian.

Semin wasn’t brushing off the idea of accountability but instead pointing out that the Caps can’t stress out so much about it that it takes away from their game.

Does he have a point?