The Washington Times - November 19, 2011, 04:51PM

TORONTO | Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson took the chance Saturday morning to not only announce that defense Mike Komisarek was out eight weeks with a broken arm but take some gentle jabs at reporters.

“Actually it’s going to be for eight weeks. He broke his arm, and he needs surgery. So it’ll be eight weeks for Komo,” Wilson said. “Go ahead, start tweeting. See who’s first. Who wins the gold medal for the day? I win. Seriously. Howard, you asked the question, so I award you the gold medal for the day. Lord knows you need that.”


Laughs provided the background noise for that answer. But Toronto will miss Komisarek, who is one of seven regulars currently out of the lineup.

Gardiner the moving piece

Rookie defenseman Jake Gardiner has spent time at forward this year, too, but only when Wilson really needs it.

“He has played forward in the past. He was actually OK up there,” the coach said. “When we’re down and we go to four D, you’re going to see Jake on the ice a lot.”

Wilson, who coached the Caps from 1997 to 2002, knows the deal from his playing days – which is why Gardiner shuttling from one spot to another won’t be a daily occurrence.

“I played up and down and it gets confusing after a while. It can really screw around with your mind,” Wilson said. “It’s nice to have that ability, but you’d rather commit to one position. But he’s young enough to handle it, to stay in the lineup and get some minutes in. If I told him he was a goalie tonight, he’d put the pads on and play.”