The Washington Times - November 21, 2011, 01:07PM

Rule No. 1 as a hockey beat writer is to know the resources that are absolutely necessary to do the job. One of those is CapGeek, which charts the salaries and cap hits of every NHL team.

The Washington Capitals don’t disclose salary cap information publicly. No rule says they have to. So it’s an inexact science to figure out the exact numbers - based off CapGeek’s wealth of information, roster moves and more.


CapGeek reported last week that the Caps have a bonus overage (bonuses earned last season applied to this year’s cap) of $350,000. With Tom Poti’s $2.875 million hit not counting because of long-term injured reserve, it appeared the Caps did not have enough space to call up Dmitry Orlov from the Hershey Bears.

But they did that Sunday, making it work … somehow. CapGeek figured out why: With Orlov and Cody Eakin unable to hit games-played incentives this season, ($110,000 for Orlov and $55,000 for Eakin), there seemed to be just enough room. According to CapGeek, the Caps now have $329,133 available to spend.