The Washington Times - November 3, 2011, 09:40PM

Three weeks to the day he suffered a concussion in a fight with Arron Asham, Capitals forward Jay Beagle said he didn’t care about the gestures that created a kerfuffle around hockey.

“Right after that game he talked to some guys on the team he knew. He phoned them up, he apologized and he apologized in the media and stuff,” Beagle said. “It’s over.”


Asham said he reached out to ex-teammate Mike Knuble to apologize, and the teams moved on long ago. The Penguins tough guy, who made a couple gestures after knocking Beagle out, seemed to immediately know that was the wrong move.

Beagle appeared to have no problem accepting the apology.

“It’s an emotional game and those things happen. For me, obviously I didn’t see it because I was on the ice,” Beagle said. “I think for the teammates, it was a little different. That’ll fire them up a little bit to see that.”

That’s true. Beagle’s teammates were pretty upset that night and even a bit the next day – no one more so than Karl Alzner, who’s probably his best friend on the team.

“You don’t like to see that. If he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care,” Alzner said. “But he’s a good buddy of ours – you don’t want to see any of your friends get hurt and anybody make fun of your friends for getting hurt.

“We like to stick up for our teammates and that’s what happens.”

The fight was Asham’s 83rd regular-season bout in his NHL career and Beagle’s first. But even this injury won’t keep the determined Caps forward from dropping the gloves in the future.

“It won’t change my game or anything,” Beagle said. “If I’ve got to fight, I’ll fight. Hopefully that never happens again, but it’s hockey.”

Consider the case closed for good on the Beagle-Asham situation.