The Washington Times - November 9, 2011, 12:52AM

John Erskine wasn’t trying to hurt Trevor Daley, a teammate of his with the Dallas Stars from 2003-04 to 2005-06. But the big Capitals defenseman certainly boarded Daley and was penalized on the play.

Erskine, who appeared to lead with his forearm and plastered Daley awkwardly into the boards, got two minutes for boarding. The question now becomes whether Erskine will get a call from the league office and be subject to supplemental discipline by Brendan Shanahan.


“I don’t know I haven’t seen the replay,” Erskine said. “I went to go hit him. I know the guy so I wasn’t going in intending to do a head shot or anything. It was accidental, and we’ll see what happens.”

Things Shanahan could consider:

  • Daley’s head looks back at Erskine as the hit is coming, so it’s not a blind-side check.
  • Daley’s head is the principle point of contact.
  • Erskine’s intent was to finish a check, but he led with his elbow or forearm.
  • Daley was down for a few seconds but was not injured on the play.

Right or wrong, things like that have been used in Shanahan’s rulings so far this season. And when the NHL takes a second look at Erskine’s hit on Daley, it’s likely these elements will be considered when figuring out if a hearing or some kind of supplemental discipline will happen.