The Washington Times - October 14, 2011, 01:31PM

Following Thursday night’s game, Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was not complimentary of Penguins tough guy Arron Asham for fighting Jay Beagle and then making taunting gestures.

“[Beagle is] not a fighter, it’s not his job to fight,” Ovechkin said. “I don’t know, it looked kind of not respectful for players on different team. I don’t know what people think but I think it’s not respectful.”


On Friday, Asham responded by telling Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Ovechkin is a hypocrite.

“I don’t know what Ovie’s talking about, disrespectful. A guy who throws his stick down and warms his hand over it. He is being a hypocrite himself. The rivalry is back,” Asham said. “I’m sure the next game is going to have a lot of fireworks. It’s going to be a fun game. I’m sorry about what happened. It’s part of the game. I know it was wrong, what I did. It’s over and done with.”

Asham apologized for making an “it’s over” gesture and then a sleeping one, while Beagle lay on the ice. Most Caps players applauded Asham for that when asked about the situation Friday.

Ovechkin was again asked about the fight and Asham’s gestures Friday.

“It was just a fight, you know. Bad things happen. The reaction after fight I think it’s something like – I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t mean to do that. But it looks kind of bad. It is what it is. I think everybody knows like all the hockey players respect each other,” he said. “After fight you get so excited and so emotional especially when you knocked out the guy like that.”

Ovechkin said he and Asham exchanged words but “it’s just between me and him.”