The Washington Times - October 8, 2011, 12:13PM

After a long conversation with goaltending coach Dave Prior after Saturday’s morning skate, Tomas Vokoun spent a few minutes talking with reporters about not starting the season opener. Here’s the conversation:

Q: Did Bruce tell you what to expect from here?


Vokoun: “You know what, honestly I haven’t talked to Bruce. I talked to Dave [Prior] and Dave told me yesterday Mike [Neuvirth] was going to play the next game and I was going to play against Tampa. That’s basically what they told me.”

Q: Did they tell you why?

Vokoun: “They just said Michal had a good camp and they want to have that recognized. They didn’t tell me that yesterday but today they told me it’s not reflection on me. They’re as much as confident in me as they were two months ago. It’s one game. Obviously it’s not very comfortable for me. But I’m here to play hockey and do my job. I don’t make those kind of decisions.”

Q: Were you surprised, disappointed? It looked like you have a lot of family here, too.

Vokoun: “I didn’t expect it, honestly. But you know what, this is not the kind of business where you can expect things and stuff like that. I’m disappointed but I think that’s the right thing to do every time you don’t play. You’re not going to be happy about it, especially when it’s opening night.”

Q: Will your family stick around for Monday’s game?

Vokoun: “No. They’re leaving Sunday. They have school Monday.”