The Washington Times - September 15, 2011, 06:54PM

Just got a hold of the NHL’s new social media policy. The NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball already had regulations in place for Twitter and other sites like Facebook, so it’s not unexpected that the NHL came up with its own.

Here are some highlights:


  • Players cannot post on Twitter (or the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace) beginning two hours before a game and lasting until the end of postgame media obligations. Hockey operations personnel are banned from posting from 11 a.m. on game days until media obligations are done.
  • It’s spelled out in black and white just as everyone has pointed out: writing something on Twitter is akin to saying something to a reporter:“Recognize that social media communications are on the record. Social media communications are instantly published and available to the public and the media; and they can be captured digitally and archived. Everyone including other League and/or Club personnel, Players, corporate partners, and the media can review social media communications. Furthermore, these communications are subject to discovery in litigation matters.”
  • Most are guidelines, but two things are “prohibited: posts that go against the “welfare” of the league or a team and posts that are critical of officiating.
  • Players and others around hockey are discouraged from revealing strategy or injury information. Basically, what everyone around hockey usually says.