The Washington Times - April 14, 2012, 05:18PM

BOSTON | Alex Ovechkin has said it’s his job to score goals, not just hit. Game 1 of the Boston Bruins series was evidence of Ovechkin’s ability to throw the body around, though the Washington Capitals star managed only one shot on net.

According to ex-Caps coach Bruce Boudreau, it’s hard for Ovechkin to be as effective offensively when he’s worrying about the physical aspect of his game.


I would rather have him, quite frankly, not engaging as much. He can hit; he’s not going to get hurt. He’s too big and strong,” Boudreau said on “Hockey Night in Canada” before Game 2 Saturday afternoon. “But when he starts focusing on hitting, he doesn’t focus on scoring.”

Boudreau said it’s so engrained in Ovechkin’s mind “If you hit me, I’m going to hit you.” Asked what the response was when he tried to tell the left wing that, the Anaheim Ducks coach said: “I can’t. I am who I am.”

Boudreau said Ovechkin was not afraid to go up against big defensemen like Zdeno Chara and Douglas Murray. He also defended Ovechkin’s shift lengths, saying his playing a lot on the power explains it.

Boudreau is a guest analyst for the CBC broadcast during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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