The Washington Times - April 19, 2012, 11:24PM


How did you feel?


Pretty good. I felt pretty confident that we were going to have a bounce-back game. It went well.

Facing a lot of shots

I think most goalies do. I think it’s easier to keep your head in the game that way. It’s easier to have more fun. You keep going all out the whole game, it’s a lot of fun. It doesn’t happen that way all the time.

Know on?

I can usually tell when there’s screens and I can follow the puck the whole way. I think that’s usually when I can tell that I’m seeing the puck well. I don’t know. I felt pretty good tonight, but there were still some lucky times and there’s still some improvement to be made.

Thinking when 20K people chanting name

Try and zone them out. It’s great. It’s awesome to have that fan support. Not putting that down at all. But that can get your heart racing pretty quick if you let it. My job is to control my emotions and make sure I’m focusing on the next save.

On ability to bounce back after bad goal/ability to forget always been there?

Oh no. Oh no. I haven’t been that way. I’m still working on that. That first goal, like olie was saying, that’s one I know I can have, I know I can stop. My goal going into the second period, especially, after that goal was to make sure I’m giving myself the right chance to make saves and to be more patient. I wasn’t patient on that first goal. That’s one of the things I’ve just learned over the years is realize what you did wrong and try to fix it and you’re done with it. You’re moving on.

In zone?

Yeah. I don’t know. I guess in a zone to a certain extent in the second period I felt pretty good. I don’t know. There’s still improvement. There’s still times, Lucic when he cut across the middle in the second period; that could’ve easily been a goal. There’s still some improvement. I felt good, but far from perfect.

Need for rebound control

It’s big. I think that was one of their goals today. They threw a lot off the wing to my far pad and far blocker, even some creative ones. The one guy just kind of floated one to my blocker. I had nowhere to put it but in a guy’s body. That’s an NHL play. My job is to deal with those rebounds and today I thought I did a good job.

How good does this feel?

Our goal was to definitely not get two losses at home. In the playoffs you need to win at home; you need to win those big games in crucial times to be successful. That’s a big game for us, but it’s far from easy from now on. It’s a best of three now, but the games are going to get harder as we go on.

No shots in final 8 mins?

That’s what you want to see is when the game’s on the line that guys are putting all they have out there. The play of the game was Beagle’s block at the end there. By far. By far that’s a play where everyone goes, thankful that he did that. That was the difference in the game.

Most bruises win series?

Exactly. It’s like that old Oilers-Islanders thing.

Best game or one of best?

Yes and no. I think because of the stage, I think because [it was] in the playoffs it was a good game. I think I might’ve had one back in Atom or Pee-wee that was better.

See Pens-Flyers goalie nightmare?

Those goalies are world-class goalies, too. They’re outstanding. That’s not good to see. I think both of them will bounce back.

Have fun tonight?

My type of fun is intensity, is big games, big moments. I might not show it on my face, but that’s the way I’ve always been. I’ve always had the most fun when I’m battling and competing.

Realize it was going to be long night?

They had that flurry in the second early on. But what was really good is they got a few shots right in a row and then we went on a stretch there that we were playing in their end. That shows a lot of character that we’re going to bounce back when there’s adversity. I don’t think it was as the scoreboard shows. I think we did a good job as a team.

Never more than 1 goal between teams

That’s playoff hockey. That’s why it’s so fun: the close games, the close battles. I hope it doesn’t change, and I hope that we’re on the high end of it every time.

On NHL plays/more tricks

Just the skill level. The game doesn’t change that much. It’s much faster; the guys shoot a bit harder. But those creative plays, you have to be more aware of, definitely.

Sense of Bruins’ frustration?

I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t think about it that way. I know that the game can change very quickly. That doesn’t need to be creeping in my head.

What it’s like to stop Cup champs’ shots

It’s different. But every time I’ve watched the playoffs, there’s kind of a burning in me, I think with every player, that they want to be there. That they think they can get to that level. It’s just the start of the playoffs right now. I’m just trying to learn, try to improve and see how long we can go.

Teammates keep Bruins away from crease

That was big tonight. They didn’t start much after the whistles or during the place. It’s nice to have a guy like Erskine back in the lineup; he hasn’t played for a while and comes with that physical edge that when guys come to the net, they’re not messing around with Ersky.