Brad Marchand on critics who say he's a diver: 'They mean nothing'

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Even before Jason Chimera and Brad Marchand had a notable little run-in during Game 6, the Washington Capitals winger made his point about the Bruins forward when talking about the need to stay disciplined.

No matter how much Marchand’s diving and stuff like that, is embellishing a bit, but you can’t do stuff like that because it’s going to be called,” Chimera said last week.

Then came a moment in Game 6, when Chimera appeared to make some shoulder-to-shoulder contact with Marchand away from the puck. Marchand helicoptered down to the ice and lay there for a few seconds, while Chimera skated down the ice and scored with 42 seconds left in the second period.

A reporter in Boston on Tuesday asked Marchand about criticism on TV following the Chimera goal that included his being called a diver.

“For them to judge what knocks you down, they don’t know your balance or whatnot on the play,” Marchand said. “They’re sitting at home watching on TV. I don’t really care what they say. They have no impact on my game, my life. They mean nothing.”

Earlier in the series, Boston coach Claude Julien praised Rich Peverley for not pulling an acting job after Nicklas Backstrom’s cross-check to the face at the end of Game 3. In doing so, he made a general comment about the Bruins.

We’re not a team that will go down, and, I’ve said that many times, and start rolling on the ice for no reason,” he said.

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