The Washington Times - December 11, 2012, 09:43AM

Roman Hamrlik’s views on the NHL lockout and state of CBA talks are well-known. He talked to The Washington Times’ Dan Daly a couple of weeks ago and Monday night to Josh Rimer of

Here’s a look at some of what Hamrlik told Rimer (video below):


On backlash from comments

“I wouldn’t say there was so strong. It was just my opinion. I think everybody has different opinion. …

“I was just talking from my experience. I don’t think it’s doing any pluses for us, the time. We’re losing time, and I don’t think a deal’s going to be much better. If you look at it from 2004 I think everybody knows what happened. …

“Now it’s past but I’m looking forward and I’m looking for future. I never said I’m against the players or anything like that. I just want the best deal for everybody. This week and next two weeks I think they’re going to be really crucial.”

Any regrets?

“Not at all. … I’m not moving back. Maybe I regret I said it at a wrong time, it’s a really crucial time maybe [if] I said it earlier or maybe I should’ve called Don [Fehr] on the phone and told him. But I’m not taking anything back.”


“I want the best deal for the young kids to have better future or same future like I had. I’ve been lucky to play this game for 20 years and I earned some rights to say what I think.”


“I know the deal is not the best for us but what I know we were so close last week or so. But now they cancel another two weeks. I still believe we’re still going to sign the deal and have some hockey.”

Surprised deal didn’t get done?

“I was surprised because I heard lots of good news from the players. I talked to some people from NHLPA and yeah I was surprised we didn’t get it done. We were real close. We still have couple weeks, we have chance to sign a deal and make everybody happy. I think this is it, all December. We have to work harder, get the deal, not just our side but the owners, too.”

Close to deal?

“Yeah I do believe it, absolutely I do believe it. The next week and those two weeks they’re going to be really crucial for us. Hopefully we’re going to get some solution and sign a deal.”

Should players vote on owners’ offer?

“I was reading some articles about vote or not. Maybe this week something’s going to happen. I’m not against that. This is NHLPA we’re talking about stay together. I think it’s good. we should maybe do it and we will see how many guys are going to be with or without. I think maybe it’s going to happen.”

Would players be more likely to say yes if it were a secret vote?

“No I don’t think would’ve been right for all the players. Everybody should vote. I don’t think the secret vote would be most players would be happy with that.”