The Washington Times - February 16, 2012, 11:41AM

Mike Knuble made a fuss about wanting to play somewhere, and according to George McPhee, that will continue to happen this season with the Washington Capitals.

The Caps’ general manager said Thursday he doesn’t expect to send Knuble packing anywhere.


“Mike has never – we haven’t had any conversations about - in fact, we haven’t had any conversations period,” McPhee said. “He’s a great pro, a great guy. We have no interest in trading him. He hasn’t asked for that. We haven’t talked to him about it.” 

Knuble talked about wanting the opportunity to play and show what he could do, and his status as an alternate captain made it more than just a guy complaining about not being in the lineup. Coach Dale Hunter said it would be a “game-time decision” whether Knuble would play Friday.

Being out three games in a row isn’t necessarily the end of the world for Knuble, at least according to his GM.

“I don’t expect him to be happy. But sometimes the best thing you can do for a player is sit him down for a couple games. If things aren’t going right it’s amazing how you can take a player out and put him upstairs and let him watch from where all of you watch and it looks easy from up there,” McPhee said. “And I think it’s healthy for players to sit down and get a fresh perspective. And they’re almost always better when they come back. And one of the strengths that we like about Dale in terms of his coaching is he holds people accountable. If it’s not working out for you, you’re not playing well we’ll play somebody else.”