The Washington Times - February 5, 2012, 06:32AM

MONTREAL | It’s not quite the reaction anyone would expect from a player who just scored, but Dennis Wideman doubled over laughing. He actually couldn’t believe that he golfed the puck in right over Montreal Canadiens goalie Peter Budaj on Saturday afternoon.

When ones like that go in, it’s kind of embarrassing,” Wideman said after the Washington Capitals’ 3-0 victory. “You fan on a shot and you get lucky and it floats all the way in. It goes so high that no one picks it up.”


It turned out to be the game-winning goal for the Caps thanks to Tomas Vokoun’s 30-save shutout. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be on Wideman’s career highlight reel – more like bloopers.

He shot it and all of a sudden it took two seconds before the red light went on. And I didn’t even see the puck where it went,” Vokoun said. “It’s one of those flukey goals. Not really much goalie or anybody – kind of unpreventable. A little bit lucky on our side. We had some tough breaks too. Sometimes that’s going to happen.”

Originally it looked like Wideman’s shot, which came off an offensive one faceoff, went off Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty. But it didn’t. It went straight in.

The All-Star Game he had a 95 mile an hour shot. And once he scored I was like, a 9.5 mile an hour one will work too, I guess,” forward Brooks Laich said. “Sometimes you get lucky; that’s all that was. It was a fluke goal, a lucky goal. But we’ll take it and move on.”

Laich said it was “just a lucky, lucky break,” but those kinds of breaks have been going against Montreal all season. By the time the rest of the NHL was finished playing Saturday, the Canadiens were ranked 28th.

Wideman scoring like that seemed to encapsulate all that bad luck on one rough bounce.

Things aren’t going well for them and when it’s going that way, it seems like goals like that go in,” he said. “You feel bad. I’ve been on the other end before. …

It was one of those things you want to score goals, but when they go in like that you don’t know what to do.”

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.