The Washington Times - January 17, 2012, 02:45PM

What, Tomas Vokoun worry?

Tuesday night against the New York Islanders will be his 10th straight start in goal for the Washington Capitals, but for a guy who thrives on playing a lot this is a welcome run.


“I did it for a long time – play anywhere from 60 to almost 70 games. To me it’s not hard,” Vokoun said. “It’s kind of hard to judge yourself when you’re getting tired. But for me it’s a lot tougher when you play once in a while, when you’ve got to kind of build the momentum every time you play and then you sit for long time – you don’t know how you’re going to respond. And then you play again. For me it’s not a problem.”

It’s easier, Vokoun said, to get into a rhythm starting every game rather than waiting between starts. During nine straight starts, he’s 7-2-0 with a 1.97 goals-against average and .940 save percentage, so the numbers back up his confidence.

It also helps that Vokoun didn’t start from Dec. 13 to Dec. 26.

“I haven’t played before for two weeks,” he said. “It’s not like I’ve been playing like that for three months. It’s a little bit different.”

But Vokoun has started over 30 in a row during his career, so this is nothing. And that he’s getting another nod over Michal Neuvirth is not up to the 35-year-old, though he enjoys the constant playing time.

“For various reasons you want to use both goalies. In case of injury, obviously you need always two,” Vokoun said. “But saying that, if you play, you feel better. I never made those decisions mine and you probably never will in this league. That makes it easier on you; they make the decisions and you deal with the decision. That’s the way it is.”