The Washington Times - January 9, 2012, 12:36AM

ANAHEIM, Calif. | Bruce Boudreau’s jokes and sarcasm are well-known in Washington, but perhaps not as much on the West Coast, as the meaning of some comments of his from last week were lost in translation.

Reporters quoted the Anaheim Ducks coach as sounding like he was volunteering Capitals secrets to longtime friend and San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan. Asked after a game last week about the upcoming Sharks-Caps game, Boudreau responded: “Tell Todd to give me a call … after the game.”


McLellan declined, according to the San Jose Mercury-News. But it wasn’t a real offer after all.

“No, you’ve seen me in press conferences. They said, ‘Anything for Todd,’ or ‘You want to talk to Todd?’ or something, and I said, ‘Tell him to call me after tonight’s game. I’ll tell him how to beat Washington.’ But he didn’t need my help,” Boudreau said Sunday.

Told that some Caps fans were rubbed the wrong way by the idea that he would sell out his former team, Boudreau chuckled.

All they have to see is one of my press conferences and know that half the stuff I do is joke around,” he said.

Anyone who has had dealings with Boudreau can attest to that. Can he be deceptive like a lot of other coaches? Absolutely. But in a long conversation with him Sunday, the last thing he is about the Caps is vindictive.

Mini-controversy over.