The Washington Times - July 12, 2012, 06:16PM

Last year’s development camp included a handful of scraps, notably featuring the likes of Dustin Stevenson and Scott Wietecha. It’s common to see that when guys are trying to get noticed.

The Washington Capitals prospects this year hadn’t engaged in even one fight until the end of the third scrimmage of the week Thursday afternoon when Max Iafrate and Chandler Stephenson dropped the gloves.


“Oates said he didn’t want us fighting,” Iafrate said. “But when your [expletive] adrenaline gets flowing…”

Oates made his stance clear earlier in the week.

“I did talk to the guys. I really don’t want that,” the coach said. “We’re all here under the Capitals’ umbrella, and I know you want to show your stuff and there’s plenty of chance for that down the road. But they still get frustrated at times. I understand that as well.”

Iafrate and Stephenson had the frustration boil over in the seconds after the horn Thursday.

“I was playing the game. He kind of hit me after I put the puck down the ice,” Iafrate said. “I kind of like swung my foot to try to trip him. Then he cross-checked me.”

Iafrate said fights are “bound to happen when you get under someone’s skin,” he said.

“I guess fight when the opportunity knocks. You don’t look for it.”