The Washington Times - March 7, 2012, 11:16AM

The Washington Capitals were pretty unhappy Tuesday night after what they thought was a dangerous slewfoot by Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner. One player hoped for a fine or suspension so that Skinner might “maybe learn a little bit of a lesson.”

But Wednesday morning a league spokesman confirmed that Skinner would not face any supplemental discipline for kicking Dmitry Orlov’s leg out from under him. The 19-year-old did not have a hearing with the NHL.


Orlov also escaped punishment for shoving linesman Jean Morin. He also did not have a hearing.

Skinner’s action of kicking out Orlov’s skate did not rise to the level of NHL punishment. When a player intentionally pulls back on an opponent with his arm or shoulder to drive him to the ice, that is what constitutes a  suspendable slewfoot.

Orlov got without a suspension or fine because he was only given a 10-minute misconduct for “abuse of officials.” Had he been thrown out of the game, further discipline would have been more probable.