The Washington Times - May 8, 2012, 12:04AM

NEW YORK | Full transcript of Dale Hunter’s postgame press conference after the Washington Capitals’ crushing 3-2 overtime loss on Monday night.

How do you recover?


Hunter: “We’ve been resilient all year. Just come back and play a hockey game.”

What do you say to Joel Ward?

“It was an accidental high stick. That’s the breaks of hockey. They got a break where it accidentally came up. He didn’t mean it. It’s one of the things that it’s just a hockey play.”

On PK giving up two goals

“They had the extra man and had the goalie pulled, so it’s the big-time advantage. It was one of those, they got deflected, we blocked it on the last goal. We did our job. Unfortunately we deflected it and it came into our net.”

On game of inches, Braden Holtby almost covering puck with 6.6 seconds left

“It is. He’s a battler. You see him battling out there, late in the game there with an accidental high stick, and they got a break. That’s what you call the breaks in a game.”

How do you provide guidance?

“It’s a game of hockey. It’s another game on Wednesday. It’s just hockey. Don’t over-analyze it. It’s just playing hockey, guys. It’s all it is.”

On overall play

“They came out pretty hard. But we regrouped and came back. They were throwing pucks from the corners and stuff and just throwing everything on the net. Holtby had to be strong; that’s why he had lots of shots because they were shooting from everywhere. He was strong again tonight.”

What do you say to Holtby?

“I don’t have to. He’s a resilient kid and he’s a battler; he’s going to come out and battle again.”

What do you expect in Game 6?

“We’ll battle again like we did all series and the series before.”

On losing big faceoffs

“It’s always been a big part of the game. It’s not just the centermen; it’s everybody involved in it – the wingers, the D, who can win the draw. When you have the man advantage, they got an extra guy out there to try to win the draw. It’s one of those things.”

Did Brooks Laich, Matt Hendricks

“You’ve got to block. They did the right thing. It’s just a flukey thing where it hit Brooksie’s stick or skate or something and deflected it. That’s a break in hockey again. It’s hockey breaks.”

Ever experience a game lost that quickly?

“I’ve been on both side of that lots of times. You’re going to play hockey, you’re going to have some games like this. Some games go for you, sometimes it doesn’t like that.”

Is there a carry over?

“No, the guys are going to come out and battle. That’s all you ask from your team is to go out and battle. We win at home, that’s what we need to do.”