The Washington Times - September 19, 2012, 08:25AM

Alex Ovechkin didn’t hide his intentions. Even before he went home in advance of the NHL lockout and his 27th birthday, the face of the Washington Capitals admitted he’d probably spend at least some time playing in Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League this year.

“Of course I think about it because my hometown have teams and my Russian Federation have a league,” he said earlier this month. “Of course I’m probably going to be there.”


Probably has changed to definitely, as Ovechkin signed a deal to play with his old team, Dynamo Moscow, the team said on its website.

Typically, NHL players are allowed to receive 65 percent of their North American salaries in the KHL, though according to Sovietsky Sport, Ovechkin worked out a deal that paid him more.

In an interview with Sovietsky before signing, Ovechkin admitted the NHL lockout may take a full season, so he is prepared to remain in the KHL for the year if that is the case. Obviously, if the lockout ends before that, Ovechkin is contractually obligated to return to the Caps.