The Washington Times - April 17, 2013, 10:40AM

Around the Washington Capitals’ locker room, one message was perfectly clear when the subject of Alex Ovechkin jumping to Nicklas Backstrom’s aid Tuesday night came up. There was no chance the penalty kill was going to let the Toronto Maple Leafs score with the captain in the box.



Those kind of penalties, you just want to kill every time because that’s a good thing by Ovi. He defended me and that was good.”

Coach Adam Oates:

“You want to stick together. And there’s times where, obviously, you don’t want to take penalties to do it. But it’s great that we killed that penalty. Because it is important, obviously, we got to protect our guys.”

Right wing Troy Brouwer:

“As players and as teammates, we have no problem taking those penalties and have no problem killing those ones off. It’s those bad stick penalties that usually bite you.”

Goaltender Braden Holtby

“We’ll kill that penalty any day. That’s great to see Ovi doing that. That’s a leadership role that he’s taking on, and that’s huge. It’s not just a little tap. He was meaning that that’s not going to happen again, and it was great to see it really got our team going. …

“Everyone wants to kill it off for the guy taking it. Nobody wants to be the guy that, you know, you feel bad about, and the guy that took the penalty feels bad about. You want to make sure that you kill that off because it can be such a momentum-builder like it was tonight.”

Defenseman Jack Hillen:

It’s huge. That’s a penalty that we’ll kill all day. That’s your captain sticking up for one of the best players on our team. I think anybody on our team would have done that and he did a great job. That’s why he’s our captain and that definitely gave us some more momentum.”