The Washington Times - January 16, 2013, 09:33AM

Brett Hull said Alex Ovechkin will “be like a kid again” under rookie Washington Capitals coach Adam Oates. Oates’ coach at RPI, Mike Addesa, said he’ll “find to key to Alex Ovechkin’s soul.” You can read those sparkling quotes and more about the blossoming relationship here, or in Wednesday’s edition of The Washington Times.

Naturally, some quotes wound up on the cutting room floor. Here’s a look at more of what people had to say about Ovechkin and Oates:



On Adam Oates

“I feel pretty comfortable and I feel most important thing is the the trust. I’m pretty happy. I can’t way when the season’s gonna start.


On Oates’ adjustment to being an NHL head coach

“As a head man, you have to be a little bit more of a nut-buster. I just think Adam has so much intelligence the he will find the key to the Ovechkin kingdom. I really think, and to that of others. I think he will show him the way.”


On helping Ovechkin

“It’s more that if he asks me questions, I have answers.”


On Oates replacing Dale Hunter as Ovechkin’s coach

“Coaches don’t understand how a guy like Ovechkin, when he is excited and doing stuff like that, how the whole rest of the team, whether it’s a checker, a fighter, a defensive defenseman, that they all feed off that and they get better themselves. Coaches want to fight that. …

“Like why would you play Ovechkin 12 minutes a game? That, to me, is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. You play him until he drops, and then you don’t make him practice to give him rest. Alex Ovechkin doesn’t need to practice. He needs to work on the power play with the power-play guys. That’s all he needs to do.”