The Washington Times - January 18, 2013, 12:25PM

Last year, the New York Post reported that the Washington Capitals were “cited for failure to report” all of their hockey-related revenue for the 2010-11 NHL season. Asked about it Thursday night, owner Ted Leonsis said that was not the case.

Leonsis said the Players’ Association exercised its right to look into the accounting of when Monumental Sports & Entertainment bought the Washington Wizards and Verizon Center.


“There was no discrepancy. There’s no grievance. There’s no fine,” Leonsis said. “It was their right to come in and ask questions, and then it was, ‘Was everything accounted for properly?’ And the answer was yes. The end.”

Leonsis said during his press conference that it’s “very, very important that you word this correctly.” This was his full explanation:

“In 2011 we bought the Verizon Center and the Wizards and the union asked, ‘Could we come in’ – which was their right – and look at the accounting to make sure that the accounting was proper. And they did their accounting and they said the accounting was proper.”

Leonsis said the NHLPA did not work directly with him to inspect the accounting but rather with the team’s financial people.

“They said, ‘Everything is proper. Everything is accounted for the right way. Thank you,’ ” Leonsis said. “That’s what it was.”