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Chatter Archive: April 2009

  • Nats win! Nats win!

    Our long national nightmare is over: Washington has beaten the Phillies, 8-2 for its first win of the season. Published April 16 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats still ahead

    Washington holds a 3-2 lead, thanks to the first quality start of the season. Now, can the bullpen hold on and secure the first win of the year? Published April 16 2009

  • Thru 3: Is tonight the night?

    It's a little too early to tell if the Nationals are going to bag their first win of the year, but the game couldn't have started much better for Washington. Published April 16 2009

  • Nats-Phillies postponed

    Tonight's game has been rained out. No makeup has been announced. Published April 15 2009

  • Will Nats play tonight?

    The forecast isn't good, and there are plenty of other reasons not to play tonight against the Phillies. Published April 15 2009

  • Revisiting the Milledge move

    Was sending Lastings Milledge to Class AAA one week into the season a necessary move for a struggling player, or did the Nats have too quick a trigger finger? Published April 15 2009

  • Nationals postgame notes

    Just a couple quick updates from this one, a 9-8 Nationals loss to the Phillies: Published April 13 2009

  • Nats down 8-6 in eighth

    A week into this 2009 season, it's clear the Nationals' offense is going to be much better than it was last year. It's just tough for that to translate into wins when they're constantly fighting out of a hole. Published April 13 2009

  • Thru 3: Nothing coming easy

    The Nats' offense is generating enough production early to keep the team in the game. But they could be up 2-0, instead of down 4-2, if they didn't keep making the kinds of mistakes bad teams often make. Published April 13 2009

  • Harris on DL, Hernandez activated

    The Nats' starting second baseman is back from the DL sooner than expected, but Willie Harris is now out with a pulled oblique. Published April 13 2009

  • For the Nationals, now what?

    At 0-6, the Nats have to shore some things up. Published April 12 2009

  • Nats fall to 0-6

    8-5 loss to Braves leaves Nats winless heading into tomorrow's home opener. Published April 12 2009

  • Thru 6: Braves 5, Nats 4

    The bats have come out, and neither starting pitcher could escape the damage. Published April 12 2009

  • Thru 3: Harris hurts leg [updated]

    Willie Harris comes up lame out of the box on a third-inning single, leaving the Nats to turn to their fourth-string second baseman: Alberto Gonzalez. Published April 12 2009

  • Tickets available for tomorrow's opener

    Tomorrow's home opener against the Phillies is not sold out yet, but Stan Kasten says there aren't many tickets left. Published April 12 2009

  • Must-win Sunday for Nats?

    After a 5-3 loss tonight to the Braves, the 0-5 Nats need to win tomorrow or else risk coming home 0-6 for Monday's opener. Published April 11 2009

  • Thru 6: Braves lead, tempers flare

    Milledge, Lannan have issues with umps as Braves take a 4-3 lead. Published April 11 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats up 3-1

    Zimmerman homers to pace the Nats to an early lead in Atlanta. Published April 11 2009

  • Dukes day-to-day, Hernandez ready for rehab

    Elijah Dukes' strained groin isn't as serious as originally feared, and Anderson Hernandez will begin a rehab assignment with Class AAA Syracuse tomorrow. Published April 11 2009

  • Back at the ballpark

    Having rested up from last night's marathon loss, the Nats are back at Turner Field, hoping to finally notch win No. 1 of the season. Published April 11 2009