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City State is The Washington Times' roundup of the best breaking news and original observations across Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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Morning Roundup: Sept. 1

Lottery contract faces further review, hiring for online gambling moving forward, Aruba keeps Giordano detained, Irene relief emerges as political issue, 'legacy legislators' reflect D.C. political scene

Morning Roundup: Aug. 31

Judge denies postponement in Lululemon murder case; Nonprofit charged with using HIV-program money for D.C. strip club; Planners agreeing on Dulles rail extension; O'Malley, McDonnell assess Irene damage; Home prices fall in D.C. region; Panel: Md. needs to be more business friendly; Virginia strikes deal to improve once-shuttered rest stops.

Morning Roundup: Aug. 30

Gray hires new chief of staff; O'Malley tours Irene damage; Ex-D.C. officials (still) calling for lottery probe; D.C. officer in transgender shooting has prior alcohol run-ins; Va. county official sent embezzled money to Nigeria; Maryland resumes wind-energy talks; Bolling: Obama's policies 'anti-business.'

Morning Roundup: Aug. 25

MLK memorial dedication 'rain or shine'; Irene into Chesapeake Bay by Saturday; Aruba officials release Gardner photos; Allen connected to coal; O'Malley: Tax hikes tied to 'supercommittee' decisions; D.C. mayor probe sparks reform calls; Va. GOP has post-primary euphoria.

Morning Roundup: Aug. 24

Region awakes to earthquake aftermath; Virginia primary results; Man in Aruba mystery had money problems; Report: Gray administration involved in 'cronyism'; Overtime in MoCo linked to U.S. Open; Drop in Maryland's infant mortality rate.

Earthquake: Commuters

Metro rail and bus services reported no major damages or customer injuries but riders experienced significant delays as trains slowed to 15 mph while rail crews inspected the underground system.

Morning Roundup: Aug. 23

Irene could impact MKL memorial dedication; Police thwart plot for explosives on Mall; D.C. collects $80.4M in parking fines; Kaine helping Dems keep control of Va. Senate; Virginians head to polls today; Warner is fifth-richest congressional member.