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Familiar sounds

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Jimmy Patsos

\ It’s funny how someone picks up the mannerisms of someone they work with for a while. There is no question I thought Gary Williams was in the room at times – like the point when Patsos pointed out his 2001 Final Four ring and invoked the mid-February night Florida State stunned Maryland and prompted a cascade of boos to echo down. (Who else can still remember Delvon Arrington jumping onto the scorer’s table?)\

\ Loyola was coming off an ugly loss to Towson 48 hours earlier, and he sure sounded like Williams when he talked about getting back on the court so quickly.\

\ “The suicide watch was over,” Patsos said dryly.\

\ And one other thing; that emphasis on staying in the coaching box doesn’t appear to be too much of a priority. Patsos – who might be even more demonstrative than his former boss and even joked about going two games without a technical foul – did his share of wandering from the bench. \

\ – Patrick Stevens

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