Eric Kettani's greatest hits

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PHILADELPHIA – A huge, HUGE blogging error here at the Army-Navy game.

I didn’t sit in on Eric Kettani’s portion of the press conference.

That was a mistake given the senior fullback’s acerbic wit. But he kindly indulged me when I ran into him right as he left and started to talk about some his comedic gems.

One, however, stood out above the rest – his take on the unusual helmets Army trotted out in the 34-0 loss.

“I couldn’t really see them because they’re camouflage,” Kettani said. “I didn’t really like their helmets that much, but that’s their choice. I liked our uniforms a lot.”

Here’s hoping Kettani pops up at an EagleBank Bowl press conference in the next couple weeks, because there is no shortage of possible hilarious takes this guy could provide.

Patrick Stevens

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