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D1scourse Challenge update

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The D1scourse Challenge is winding to a close, yet after 14 weeks and more than 2,200 points to be had, I’ve managed to build an edge of a single point over A Fridge Too Far (1,951-1,950).

Also in contention for season-ending prizes are TSR-slatter (1,936), Turner Portis (1,935), Barry Hinson (1,933), the Average Joe’s (1,933) and Lamont for Heisman (1,926). It’s unlikely more than 28 points will be at stake this week, so chances are the top three finishers will come from this pool.

As a reminder, the winner receives a big bag of bowl graft collected over the course of this season. Other prizes include a copy of Ron Vanderlinden’s recently published book. In all probability, there will be an all-expenses paid trip to Chipotle for someone, too, but I’m still open to suggestions for the third prize.

This week’s winner was the Vandwagon’s Shady Mechanic, who collected his second weekly win of the season. Hopefully, a question will be in the offing soon enough; heavens knows there’s a lot of them at this stage.

Patrick Stevens

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