The Egekeze turnaround

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Consider this the obligatory entry on the Maryland kicking game for the week.

Obi Egekeze has knocked five straight field goal attempts through the uprights, which of course is a dramatic difference from missing his first five.

Anyway, his recent surge sent me scrounging through my records to find the longest Maryland streaks in recent memory.

And here’s what I came up with since the start of the 1998 season (*-active):

15:Nick Novak (2002-03)

13: Dan Ennis (2006)

11: Dan Ennis (2005)

10: Brian Kopka (1998)

8: Brian Kopka (1999)
8: Nick Novak (2002)
8: Obi Egekeze (2007)

7: Nick Novak (2001)

6: Nick Novak (2004)

5: Nick Novak (2002)
5: Nick Novak (2003)
5: Obi Egekeze (2008)*

Patrick Stevens

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